Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle

There's been a few family crises recently that have kept me from posting, but here's the last review of the Chronicles of Narnia series.  I hope to post more regularly, but my family is keeping me busy. :)

Title:  The Last Battle
Series:  The Chronicles of Narnia
Author:  C. S. Lewis
Approximate reading level:

Summary:  There is trouble in Narnia, and Aslan is supposedly behind it. But would Aslan really command the magical, living trees to be cut down and sold, killing the dryads and other tree spirits? Would he really sell the talking beasts, dwarfs and others into slavery? But who would dare to do such a thing without Aslan's approval? The king is confused and calls for help from the “kings and queens of the past” to help deliver them. Narnia has survived many attacks, but it may have now brought about its own destruction.

As evidenced by the title, this is the final book in the Narnia series.  It is somewhat emotional, as those who truly love Narnia fight against those who only want what will benefit them the most.  Aslan rescues those who truly fight for the good, while allowing others to have what they want--even if it's not what is best for them.  This can be a good example of how we can sometimes want things that can be harmful to us.  Battle scenes may be disturbing for some readers, but they are necessary to the plot. 
Enjoy all seven books in the Chronicles of Narnia series.  **** 4 stars

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