Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chop, Chop

Title:  Chop, Chop
Author:  L. N. Cronk
Approximate reading level:  Junior High

Summary:  David and Laci have known each other since pre-school.  When Laci gets her hair cut short to donate it, young David is not happy.  They grow up going to the same church and the same school.  However, as they enter junior high, they're friends--not very close, but not enemies, even though David still doesn't like Laci's grow-it-out-to-cut-it-and-donate-it hairstyle. When Greg moves to town, they both develop a friendship with him, and grow closer to each other as well.  The three grow closer to God as well, through trips and activities with the youth groups led by Greg's parents.  But shortly before Christmas their senior year, tragedy strikes.  His experience with death causes David to sink into an emotional numbness.  What will it take for David to let go of the hurt and open his heart to anyone again?

Review:  This book has a Christian background.  All of the main characters (including the narrator, David) attend church, and there is a lot of discussions about God.  However, being a Christian does not mean having a perfect life, and that fact comes through in Cronk's writing.  Dealing with the violent death of his friend is a struggle for David, and it may also be difficult for some readers.  Even in his numbness, however, David is sometimes still able to recognize that God is helping him through the prayers of others. 
This book does contain some objectionable elements--namely, a school shooting in which a student and teacher are killed.  However, the event is not described in detail, as the narrator does not witness the event. 

I loved reading this book!  I found it through an e-mail I've signed up for that lets me know about free and discounted e-books.  Even with low finances, I can afford a free book!  (By the way, the Kindle edition is still free on Amazon.)  I didn't realize it was the first in a series until I finished and saw the next book mentioned at the end.  As soon as I can, I plan on reading the rest of the series.
*****Five stars

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