Saturday, July 21, 2012

Quackadack Duck

Hey, y'all!

Taking a quick break from the Dear America series this week for a short read.  This week flew by, and I can't believe I'm a day late on posting again! 


Title:  Quackadack Duck
Author:  Allen Morgan
Illustrator:  John Beder
Target Audience:  Young children (a read-aloud book)
Approximate (independent) reading level:  3rd grade

Summary:  A troll likes to make mischief and collect pennies.  One day, he comes across a duck egg as it is hatching.  The baby duck thinks the troll is his mother, and begins copying the troll.  At first, the troll is upset and ignores the baby duck; but he soon feels pity for the duck and lets him into his home, naming him Quackadack Duck.  When the duck follows him to the market and is taken by a man with a poultry store, the troll must choose between his treasured pennies and his new friend.

Review:  The story is well-written and the artwork is just as good and also flows well into the story.  The words are rhythmical and sometimes rhyming, which makes it more fun for young children.  The story also teaches a good lesson about the importance of friendship.
**** 4 stars

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