Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Heart is on the Ground

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I missed last week AND am late this week--WHOOPS!  I had a couple of family trips over the last two weeks an was unable to finish reading my book in time.  Hope y'all enjoy this review, and I should be back on track next Friday.
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Title:  My Heart is on the GroundThe Diary of Nannie Little Rose, a Sioux Girl
Author:  Ann Rinaldi
Setting:  Carlisle Indian School, Pennsylvania, 1880
Target Audience:  Upper Elementary-Middle School
Approximate reading level:  6th grade

Summary:  Little Rose lived on a reservation with her family and tribe until her father decided to send her to the school for Indians in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  There, she was forced to lose her Indian language and customs and take on those of the white people--even being required to take a new name, Nannie.  In her diary, she writes about her first year away from home.  She meets new friends and welcomes old ones and grows in her understanding of "white" customs and language.

Review:  Nannie Little Rose's writing improves while at the school, but may be difficult to understand at times.  There are some controversial elements, such as Nannie's hurting herself in a time of grief, and the Indians being forced to give up their clothes and hair.  These are historically accurate, however, and contribute to the story--not gratuitous at all.
**** 4 stars

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