Monday, October 8, 2012

If You Give series

Titles:  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie; If You Give a Moose a Muffin; If You Give a Pig a Pancake; If You Take a Mouse to School; If You Give a Pig a Party
Author:  Laura Numeroff
Illustrator:  Felicia Bond

Summary:  There are five books in this cute little series.  Each starts with a child engaging in the title activity, which seems to be simple and straightforward.  But each begins a chain of events that is as funny as it is both exhausting and messy, and which eventually runs full circle.  

Review:  I don't remember which of these books I first found on the bookshelf of the daycare or home I was working at, but I do remember thoroughly enjoying it.  So when I found a boxed set with more books than I was aware of on the shelf at a local secondhand children's shop for just a few dollars, I just couldn't resist buying it.  The story lines are simple and easy to follow, while also providing an opportunity to engage young children.  "What do you think will happen next?" can be asked often throughout these stories, as well as "What would you do if . . .?" This second question can be asked both in reference to the child in the story or in reference to the animal (If someone gave you a cookie, what would you want to go with it?)  
The pictures are beautifully done, without unnecessary details, but still allowing for engaging reading.  For example, in If You Give a Pig a Party, a hide-and-seek scene suggests a game of "Can you find Pig and her friends?"  
Well-drawn pictures and a catchy, repetitive storyline work together to make these books great read-alongs for young children.  I give them all four stars.

Bonus:  Guess who two of the guests are at Pig's party.  :)

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