Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins

My last post from the "My Name is America" series (at least until I find some more :D )

Title:  The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins:  A World War II Soldier
Author :  Walter Dean Myers
Setting:  Normandy, France 1944
Target Audience:  Junior high-High school
Approximate independent reading level:  9th grade

Summary:  Scott Collins is not long out of high school when he joins the army.  His journal records his experiences as he goes first to England, then fights through France.  Scott meets local people as well as other soldiers.  Not all of the men he fights alongside make it home.  The journal covers only three months of the war, but they are an event-filled three months.  Scott survives the war and returns home, although he never outlives its effects.

Review:  Scott does describe some of the gruesome results of war involving destruction of the towns and some injuries sustained during attacks.  The writing is good, and the historical information at the back of the book includes a map of Normandy.  Obviously, the book cannot be used as a source of factual information, such as for a report, but I think it's a good fictional representation of what a young soldier may have gone through.
**** 4 stars

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