Friday, March 23, 2012

The Incredible Rescues: The Young Refugees Book three

Title:  The Incredible Rescues
Author:  Ed Dunlop
Target Age:  9-12
Approximate Reading Level:  5th grade
Main Characters:
    Miklos--a Hungarian Jew who befriends Hans and Gretchen

Hans and Gretchen are now in Budapest, Hungary.  The story opens with Hans and Gretchen hiding in a trainyard watching Nazis loading Jews onto death trains heading for Auschwitz.  They later meet Miklos, who is working for Raoul Wallenberg.  Mr. Wallenberg left neutral Sweden to help Jews in Hungary escape, even though he himself is not Jewish.  With their father's permission, Hans and Gretchen take Miklos' place after he is injured and help Mr. Wallenberg mainly by carrying food and messages and by taking pictures.  However, at times, they are even facing Nazis and Arrow Cross members (young Hungarians who assist Nazi soldiers) to help Jewish people escape transportation to certain death.  Although they are always in danger, one attempt at help puts Gretchen in even more danger than usual--on a train bound for Auschwitz.

I have enjoyed this series multiple times, and am sure I will again.  This may be partly because I am interested in historical fiction regarding the Holecaust, but it is also because they are well-written.  Again, any phrases in foreign languages are explained at the back of the book.  This book also includes an Epilogue which explains that some of the characters and events actually happened.  Hans explains the plan of salvation to Miklos, but at another point struggles with trusting God due to what has happened to Gretchen.  I believe the book shows a good example of the Christian walk--it's not always easy, but God provides the strength as it's needed.
4 stars

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